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8-Part ZOOM Workshop Series

Virtual movement workshops guiding participants into uncharted territory

A workshop for ALL curious movers

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Animating Objects


Jenna Pollack & Equus

Thursdays,1:00-3:00 EST

  • Sept 17th-Seeing & Being Seen with Audrey Rachelle

  • Sept 24 Transitioning between Internal and External with Rebekah Morin

  • October 1st - Dancing in Hospitals with Melissa Turnage

  • October 8th - Discovering Objects: Discovery & Rigor with Jenna Pollack

  • October 15th - Relational Intelligence with Nita Little

  • October 22nd - Site-Specific Choreography with Melissa Riker

  • October 29th - Language and movement with David Norsworthy & Marielis Garcia


  • No Class Election Week

  • November 11th - Dancing with Parkinson's: Regulating Our Nervous Systems with Cynthia Pegado

EQUUS in ACTION, Fall 2020



SEEING AND BEING SEEN: A workshop that explores inhabiting spaces and choreographing embodied experiences inside those spaces. Rachelle has been performing in SLEEP NO MORE for the past two years and brings her experience with choreographic invention, working site specifically into this workshop. 

Class - September 17th



BODY SENSING: Transitioning between Internal and External

Morin, an Equus company alum, has worked extensively in site-specfic and interactive theater.  She has been a creative collaborator with Third Rail Projects for the last decade (Then She Fell, Red Queen).   In this workshop she will focus on our physical experience of space and time and how our senses transition between interior spaces in our body and the exterior world.

Class - September 24th



DANCING IN HOSPITALS: Communicating With yourself, With Others

Melissa has developed an extensive dance/movement program in Birmingham, Alabama hospitals and shares with participants some of her “in hospital” as well as “in community” lesson plans for working with a diverse patient populations.

Class - October 1st



ANIMATING OBJECTS: Discovery & Rigor

Jenna is fascinated with task-based choreography and how choreography transforms both form and function. Workshop participants will be brainstorming with her, animating objects through choreographic invention. 

Class - October 8th



RELATIONAL INTELLIGENCE:  How the imagination shapes our relations

This workshop investigates the importance of recognizing how our attention “dances” our relations with our worlds. Nita is one of the seminal founders of Contact Improvisation. Since Covid, she has been teaching virtual classes on Relational Intelligence that truly bring the mover in transformational states

through guided improvisations. 

Class - October 15th



SITE-SPECIFIC CHOREOGRAPHY: What Do I Want My Audience To Watch?

Melissa will be sharing her approach to creating site specific choreography. Her company Kinesis has created works for multiple sites in NYC and on the Seattle waterfront. Equus dancer Kat Reese will compare how we work site specifically with equine partners and how the animals shape our choreographic decisions. 

Class - October 22nd



    UNSHIELDED + INCOMPLETE: language and movement in an iterative process

David and Marielis have been collaborating on a nonlinear creative process since 2016 that sometimes crystallizes into a performative event entitled Possibilities of Dialogue. They are interested in cultivating the conditions for co-creation through interactive performance scores. In this workshop, David and Marielis will practice leading with vulnerability as they share and guide participants through some of the scores they’ve been working on.

Class - October 29th





DANCING WITH PARKINSONS: Regulating Our Nervous Systems

Cynthia directs a company of movers with Parkinson’s in her hometown of Buffalo. She has created numerous performance works with this company of Parkinson’s movers who range in age from 50-80+.

Dance + Theatre + Horsemanship | 121 W. 17th, 4B New York, NY 10011 |917-533-4946

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