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The Equus Projects has created over site-specific 50 works in 20 States and in Europe. Projects have been commissioned by arts presenters, equine venues and private producers.

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October 7, 2017

Northwestern Stables


Video: The Breaking Ring

Physical Listening Workshop

Santa Fe, NM

March 24-26, 2017


JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Melissa Bransford Briggs

Machel Jordan

INSITU Mandala

Commissioned BY INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival, this intrictae score for 24 dancers was created for the Circular Playing Field at Hunters Point, LIC

July 8th & 9th, 2017

INSITU Site Specific Dance Festival

The Arts & Horses Come to Pullman

Horses and dancers come to the historic Pullman landscape on June 10th with a series of short performances that highlight the beauty and grace of both human and equine dancers. 

Horses in Pullman

The Breaking Ring:

A Performance Format & Touring Project


A performance that frames the practice of Physical Listening and strategic decision-making in a progression of duet encounters . Small dances are made in real time. The audience witnesses performers taking a deep dive into heightened attending, creating kinetic dialogues that gradually engage spectators as active participant.

Residencies include Physical Listening workshops and and a creation process that invites local movers of all to enter the performance experience. At each venue a unique version of the work is created with Equus Projects dancers and local performers.

Physical Listening Workshops in Europe

January - February 2017

Beacon Center for the Performing Arts Arts Center

Greenock, Scotland

Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow Scotland

LYMA, Vienna Austria

Zurich, Switzerland

The Breaking Ring: Boston

The Dance Complex, Cambridge MA

March 3-6, 2017

The first iteration of The Breaking Ring premiered at the Dance Complex in Cambridge on March 5th in tandem with master classes at the Dance Complex and at Boston Conservatory.

The Breaking Ring: Touring

Click Here

The Breaking Ring, NYC

Agnis Varis Center for the Performing Arts

Gibney Dance Center

April 23 & 26, 2017

Bates Dance Festival

July 2017

The Bates Dance Festival has produced  The Equus Projects creation of new works for dancers and horses in 2006, 2008 and in 2011.

Discover the Inter-species Dance

A Movement Workshop with Horses

Santa FE, NM

August 27th

9am - 5pm


Machel Jordan


Buffalo, NY

On The Edge Performance Workshop

Hosted by UB Music Professor, Jean Kopperud

Dancers' Workshop with Horses

Hosted by UB Music Professor, Jean Kopperud

Buffalo Dancers Master Class: WASTELAND


Physical Listening with Equines

December 16, 2016


Belos Cavalos Equine Experiential Ranch

Kenwood, CA

Unique opportunity to explore the power of our physical listening in inter-species dialogue.

Information & Registration: Erica Tom

Pullman Residency, Postponed to Fall 2017

The Equus Projects in residence at Poe Classical and Pullman Elementary Schools in the Pullman District of south Chicago.

3rd - 6th grade Physical Listening & Movement

Field Trips to Hannberry Horse Farm: Physical listening, movement skills and leadership play out with equine partners.


This residency is generously being funded by the Oppenheimer Family Foundation.​


VIDEO: Pullman Elementary, May 2015

After Image

Swamp DanceFest, UF, July 2016

Collaboration with visual Artist Erin Curry

Dance as task and the intersection of movement making and drawn image. Inspiration for this version of After Image is S. A. Andrée's Arctic balloon expedition of 1897 - an ill-fated effort to reach the North Pole. The three expedition members perished. As the work progresses, the substrate occupied by the dancers becomes destabilized and fractured.


Produced by the 2016 UF Swamp DanceFest, UF, Gainesville.

ERIN CURRY: Collaboration

VIDEO: After Image Excerpts

Sedona Artist Colony

June 2016

The Equus Projects joined by choreographer Rachel Barker spent a week in residence at the inaugural season of the Sedona Artist Colony, housed at the Verde Valley School in the heart of the epic landscape of Sedona, AZ. Choreographic materia devised and filmed on four high desert sites.

VIDEO: The Equus Projects, Sedona

The Breaking Ring: Round Pen Duets

Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe

June 2016

Movement installation commissioned for the M12 Installation: The Breaking Ring – an installation focused on cruelty to wild horses.

Dance-making via an inter-species lens, focusing on responsive physical listening. The round-pen duets seek authentic kinetic dialogue responding to and shaping given behavior. Spectators are witnessing small dances being shaped in real time. A cycle of six choreographed duets shape the periphery of the space. The 3-hour installation eventually draws willing spectators into a round pen experience.

VIDEO: The Breaking Ring: Round Pen Duets (Excerpts)

After Image

Gibney Dance, NYC

May 2016

The movement generates layers of drawn images with the seemingly chaotic markings gradually orchestrated into cohesive visual statement. The performers function in a state of constant decision-making, operating within a sequence of rule structures.Task-based interactions create visual after image and simultaneously expose an emotional terrain that negotiates constant, subtle power shifts. 

VIDEO: After Image (Excerpts)

#Is This A Dance

OnSite NYC

May, June 2016

Merging performance with social research in a choreographed event that looks to define the line between everyday movement and the art-form of dance. Conceived in collaboration with David Norsworthy. Presented at DANY studios for Stella Adler actors. Presented at The Raw Space, Harlem for 40 early, mid and late career Harlem-based artists,

co-produced with the Harlem Arts Alliance

Poe Classical and Pullman Elementary School Residencies

May 2016

JoAnna Mendl Shaw and Sarah Rose Graber teaching 5th and 6th graders  in sessions focused  on devising text and creating accompanying movement. Collaboration with Be The Groove performer Kevin Brown, introducing body percussion.

Residency funded by Chicago Public Schools

Films: Clint Mosley

VIDEO: Poe Classical

VIDEO: Pullman Elementary

The Pullman Project

A Multi-disciplinary, multi-year creation project in collaboration with the Pullman National Monument, Arts Pullman, local Pullman schools and the Historic Pullman Foundation exploring the historic Pullman District and its current unique multi-cultural landscape.

  • Community-based multi-generational outreach projects that excavate cultural research

  • Workshops and performance projects that engage local residents.

  • Creation of live site-specific performance events staged in and around the Pullman National Parks’ buildings that address historic and current themes of race, privilege and "difference.

  • Bring horses into the Pullman landscape as part of sited performance works, in connection to movement residencies in the schools and as entry point for dialogue on difference and physical listening.

Inter-species Encounter

Centenary College

April 2016

Commission created for  the Gates-Ferry Lecture series. A collaboration between Centenary Equine Studies and the Theater / Dance Department.

The Equus Projects company and Centenary equestrians and horses. a

Featured event at 2016 Intercollegiate National Dressage Competition.​

VIDEO: Interspecies Encounter (Excerpts)


Zurich Creation Lab, Zurich Switzerland

February 2016

The Zurich Creation Lab is an annual workshop taught by Equus projects Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw and produced by Zurich choreographer, Tina Mantel.

Zurich Creation Lab - February 11-15, 2017


The Pullman Project

Teaching and Research Residency

December 2015

The Equus Projects Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw and theater director Sarah Rose Graber co-teach at Poe Classical and Pullman Elementary. Conduct preliminary community research for Pullman Project

School residency funded by the Pullman National Monument.

Lane Community College

Eugene, Oregon

November 14-20, 2015

JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Artist in Residence

Modern Technique, Improvisation, Composition, Ballet

Playground Lab for Lane students and Eugene community

Playground Lab performance event.

Dancing with Horses Workshop

In Celebration of Wheatgrass, OnSite NYC

October 11, 2015

Performance installation sited for the North Plaza of Union Square.

An homage to one of NYC’s iconic urban farmers, The Wheatgrass Man, Stewart Borowsky, who has been selling homegrown wheatgrass for over 15 years from his warehouse farm in Brooklyn. Wheatgrass installation built with wheatgrass flats, soil and farming tools.

Funded by a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

SUNY Potsdam, Crane Plaza

This is a Dance

September 2015

A movement installation created for the Crane Plaza at SUNY Potsdam with a cast off 16 dancers. The 30-minute installation featured a series of task-based scores that moved 74 audience members and constructed a kaleidescopic mandala with 400 apples. The work was commissioned by the SUNY Potsdam Theatre & Dance Department with funding from the New York State Dance Force, NYSCA.


VIDEO: This is a Dance

Film: Earth Poem

Elizabeth, CO

July 2015


A film by LA based filmmaker, Gabe Bienczycki shot on the ranch of equine trainer, Anna Twinney, in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Gabe Bienczycki

Zebra Visual:

VIDEO: Earth Poem:

Grazing Gracefully

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Staten Island, NY

June 27, 2015

Commissioned by the Snug Harbor Cultural Center on Staten Island.

Grazing Gracefully was created for a cast of five dancers and two local Staten Island ponies from the Seguine Equestrian Center.

The Pullman Project: Launch

A Multi-disciplinary, multi-year creation project in collaboration with the Pullman National Monument, Arts Pullman, local Pullman schools and the Historic Pullman Foundation that will bring visibility to the historic role the Pullman District played in Chicago and its current unique multi-cultural landscape.

  • Workshops and performance projects that engage local residents.

  • Site-specific performance events that address historic and current themes of race, privilege and "difference."

  • Horses are brought into Pullman as part of sited performance works, in connection to movement residencies in the schools and as entry point for dialogue on difference and physical listening.

Elephant Shenanigans, OnSite NYC

New York City

May 1, May 30th & 31st, 2015

Created by choreographer, David Norsworthy for OnSite NYC

A traveling choreographic installation for four dancers and inflatable elephant that travels through the streets of New York City.

May 2015 version of Elephant Shenanigans performed for a total of 8 hours and traveled 50 city blocks.

Funded by The Harkness Foundation.

VIDEO: Elephant Shenanigans, May 2015




Idlenot Farm

Clinton, CT

November 2014

Collaboration: JoAnna Mendl Shaw, West African Dancer, Lacina Couliably (Burkina Faso) & Equestrian, Patricia Norcia. 

The intersection of West African dance and classical dressage and the common ground rooted in rhythm, listening and compassion.

VIDEO: (Com)Passion

Håstdans på Hovdala: A Documantary

Film Screenings

Filmmaker, David Fishel.

Produced by The Equus Projects

Håstdans på Hovdala has been screened at:

Lincoln Center Dance on Film, NYC; Limerick Light Moves Festival, Ireland; Festival of the Moving Body, SUNY Stony Brook NY; American Dance Festival, Durham NC; The Sweden House, NYC; Bud Warner Library, Steamboat Springs, CO; Lane Community College Eugene, OR; SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam NY; Private Screening, San Francisco CA; Nyack Film Festival, NY; Manmade Film Studios, Denver CO; The Equus Film Festival, NYC; Preservation Hall, Wellfleet MA; Hassleholm, Sweden; Tanzhaus Zurich, Switzerland; CCA Glasgow, Scotland; CCA Santa Fe NM.

Nattdans pa Hovdala

Hovdala Castle, Hassleholm Sweden

July 26 - August 3, 2014

An evening length work commissioned by the Swedish theater company, Klinten Kultur. Site-specific event craeted for the courtyard of the historic Hovdala Castle in Hassleholm, Sweden. Nattdans featured the Klinten Kultur cast of young adults with autism, The Equus Projects dancers,  Swedish dancers, live percussionist Tina Quartey and Fire Artist Amanda van Rheinberg.

Elephant Shenanigans, OnSite NYC

May 2014

Elephant Shenanigans created as a traveling installation for NYC Streets. The 8-hour event, performed in two installations, featured two casts of 4 dancers each and a large inflatable elephant.

Creator, David Norsworthy.

VIDEO: Elephant Shenanigans 2014


Hastdans pa Hovdala, A Documantary

Dance on Film Festival, NYC

Lincoln Center, NYC

February 2014


Hastdans pa Hovdala was screened at the Lincoln Center Dance on Film Festival on February 1, 2014,  followed by a panel with DFA curator JoAnna Ney, Equus Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Equus Projects dancers Carlye Eckert and Jessica Martineau and filmmaker, David Fishel.

Filmmaker, David Fishel:

Math Research Lab

January-February 2014


Choreographer and mathematician Lauren Vogelstein spent six weeks with The Equus Projects exploring the application of math principles to choreographic scoring.Studio investigations investigated scoring mechanisms for: Curvatures, Fibonacci Equation,Tessellations

VIDEO: MoMath Research Day:

Circular Celebrations, OnSite NYC -

Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, NYC

December 9, 2014

A movement Installation created for Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, the park adjacent to the United Nations. A series of circular choreographic scores celebrating peace-keeping and negotiation spirit of the United Nations.

Created with 16 dancers from the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program Percussionist, Jeremy Smith​



Physical Listening and Strategic Decision-Making

Strategic Studies Group

Naval War College

Newport, RI

November 1, 2013

The Equus Projects was commissioned to engineer a full day workshop for the Strategic Studies Group of the Naval War College, Newport, RI.


The presentation and demo focused on movement as a dynamic agent for accessing Strategic Thinking and Bold Decision-Making.

Bright Morning Stars

David Lichman North American

Clinton Corners NY

September 13, 2013

Bright Morning Stars was created for the David Lichman North American Northeast Tour Stop performed at Que Sera Farm in Clinton Corners, NY.


The work featured The Equus Projects dancers with riders from the Bard College Equestrian Team and horses from Netherwood Acres Farm, Hyde Park, NY.


VIDEO: Bright Morning Stars

Håstdans på Hovdala

Hassleholm Sweden

July 27 – August 4, 2013

Håstdans på Hovdala was commissioned by Klinten Kultur, a Swedish company of young adults with autism. The evening length work created for the historic Hovdala Library ruin in the beechwood forest on owned by the Hovdala Castle, Hassleholm, Sweden.Håstdans på Hovdala featured a cast of Equus Projects dancers, local horses and six Klinten Kultur performers.

Creation of Håstdans på Hovdala was funded in part by the American Embassy in Stockholm and a Frances Mary Hazen Fellowship from the Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Fund.


VIDEO: Håstdans på Hovdala (Excerpts)

Garden Six B

OnSite NYC 

June 29, 2013

Garden Six B was created for the community Garden Six B in the East Village in NYC.


The piece featured Equus dancer Jessica Martineau and original soundscape composed and performed by tuba player, Santino Lo.

The Secret Garden

OnSite NYC 

May 10, 2013

The Secret Garden was created for the south garden at Tudor City Greens. Set to the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suite #2, the work featured three Equus Projects dancers and eight guest performers who emerged from the spectators.


Based on  Frances Hodgson Burnett's children's book, The Secret Garden, the work suggests the fantasy-life of an urban child playing in a small hidden garden. Embedded in the choreography are facts about the architecture and history of the historic buildings of Tudor City.

Take the Time It Takes

OnSite NYC

Judson Church

April 3, 2013

Take the Time It Takes was created for the Judson Church series STUFFED and featured Equus dancers Tal Adler and Fanny Sura. The work is a duet about struggle, loss and the order we create to keep ourselves sane.


Set to the selections from Bartok's 44 Duos, the piece concludes with a snow shower of 1000 paper snowflakes.

Ligne Roset

OnSite NYC


January 7, 2013

The first event of the OnSite NYC's 2013 season, Ligne Roset is an installation created for the SoHo furniture store of the same name. The evening explored possibilities for scripted behavior as performance inside a large party event. Three female performers, each inhabit a furniture constellation in the store, embodying a distinct character throughout the 4-hour event. Dancer Tal Adler entices each women onto duet interludes that provide small diversions witnessed by ambient party goers.


Throughout the evening, Visual Artist Jeff Hopkins created quick sketches of the evening's events.

Jeff Hopkins:



Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, NYC

OnSite NYC

December 10, 2012

Created for the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, a large city plaza directly adjacent to the United Nations


A task-based movement installation featuring 8 dancers


The improvised score gradually constructed a 10' long glass peace bough constructed with 300 Ronny Brook Farm glass milk bottles


Ronny Brook Farm is one of the primary vendors at the weekly Dag Hammarskjold Green Market. 


Migliorelli Apple: Mandalas

OnSite NYC 

September 27, 2012

Migliorelli Apple Mandalas was sited for the North Plaza of Union Square, site of the weekly Union Square Green Market where Migliorelli Farms is an iconic vendor.


The choreography for Migliorelli Apple Mandalas is based on a single simple circular score, with dancers working in partners, creating mirror image kinetic patterns.


Migliorelli Apple Mandalas was performed by 21 dancers, members of The Equus Projects and dancers from Alvin Ailey/ Fordham and an unexpected small boy. The piece used 350 Migliorelli apples.

Red, Yellow, Blue

Governor's Island, NYC

July 1, 2012

Commissioned by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and The Drawing Center

for the 2012 River-to-River-Festival.


Sited for Fort Jay on Governor’s Island, NYC.

Red, Yellow, Blue was a 50-minute work for created for 10 dancers and 3 visual artists whose brush strokes determined the movement material.


VIDEO: Red, Yellow, Blue (Excerpts):

Martin's Pretzels

OnSite NYC

June 7, 2012

Created for the location of the Union Square Green Market, the choreography used 50 cardboard boxes from the iconic Green Market vendor, Martin’s Pretzels. The score for 8 dancers was based on a Laban B Scale.


VIDEO: Martins Pretzels:

Ronnybrook Milk Bottle Mandalas

OnSite NYC

June 5, 2012


The first of OnSite NYC's mandala scores for public spaces, the milk bottle mandalas were created with the iconic Union Square vendor's, Ronny Brook Farm glass milk bottles.


The performance featured eight dancers work inside a complex task-based choreographic score that engineered the building of several intricate glass bottle mandalas.


250 glass milk bottles were used.

Anita’s Way

OnSite NYC

May 7-11, 2012

Commissioned by chashama, a NYC ats presenter that nurtures artists by transforming unused property into work and presentation space. Anita’s Way was a  40-minute site-specific work  made for the Anita's Way alley in midtown Manhattan.

The work investigated the notion of necessity by determining the charcoal marking of the visual artist controlling all movement material. 

Visual Artists:

Jeff Hopkins:

Alan Bolle:

Ellen Colcord:


VIDEO​: Anita's Way -



Herds and Horses

Center for the First American Horse

Morrisville, VT

September 29, 2011

Produced by Center for the First American Horse in Morrisville Vermont, Herds and Horses was a 40-minute work that showcased The Equus Projects' unconventional use choreographic scoring to frame natural horse behavior and gently create performance with horses at liberty.

UnStable Landscape

Bates Dance Festival

August 1-2, 2011

Commissioned by the Bates Dance Festival, UnStable Landscape was an evening-length work created in collaboration with choreographer Carl Flink and Black Label Movement, MN.


Made for 10 Equus and BLM Dancers, 5 horses and 14 dancers from the Bates Festival Un/Stable Landscape was created as a site specific work for the hillside and horse paddocks of Chance Encounter Farm in Pownal, ME.


VIDEO: UnStable Landscape (excerpts) -


High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center

Old Lyme CT

May 1, 2011

Commissioned by High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center Gala for their 2011 Gala Fundraiser, Celebration featured the Equus Projects company and a cast of 6 equestrians. Celebration was also performed in October 2011 in Prospect Park, NYC.


VIDEO: Celebration - Mount Holkyoke College Version:



Horses & Humans: A Celebration of Dancing & Healing

Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

October 30, 2010

Horses & Humans: A Celebration of Dancing & Healing was a 4-hour performance installation for 6 dancers, 5 horses and riders created for The Nethermead in Prospect Park.


The project was a collaboration with Gallop NYC Therapeutic Riding Program. A centerpiece of the event was a demo performance with Equus dancers and children and parents from the Gallop NYC programs.

Hudson Valley Wine and Cheese Festival

Rhinebeck, NY

September 12, 2010

For its second season at the Hudson Valley Wine & Food Festival, The Equus Projects created a series of small ensemble pieces with dancers and horses at liberty.


The company also created an installation without horses sited to travel throughout the wine-tasting halls.

Dancing in Real Time

Heart of the Horse Farm

Vashon Island, WA

August 13-14, 2010

Dancing in Real Time was commissioned by the Heart of the Horse Farm on Vashon Island. The 50-minute work was a collaboration with composer Jami Sieber & percussionist Geoff Johns, both playing live.


The work partnered three Equus Projects' women with a small herd of Polish Arabian at liberty horses, directed by Equus dancer and equestrian Marcel Dou. An interlude for ridden horse threaded throughout thew work.

VIDEO: Dancing in Real Time (Excerpts):

A Celebration of the Horse

Mount Holyoke College Equestrian Center

South Hadley MA

July 7, 2010

A Celebration of the Horse was created for the 2010 Eastern Regional Andalusian Horse Conference and performed in the equestrian arena at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA. The work was commissioned by ERAHC and featured six horses and riders and four dancers.

VIDEO: Celebration -

A Texas Hillside

OX Ranch

Aubrey TX

May 2010

Texas Hillside was a large scale work created for the OX Ranch in Aubrey, TX with a cast of seven local equestrians and their horses and eight dancers including guest performers from Cirque du Soliel and Texas Womens' University. Equitation styles ranged from dressage to cutting and reining.



Join Up

The Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts

Helena Montana

October 12-16, 2009

Join Up was created during a National Performance Network residency for the Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts  in Helena, Montana. The evening length concert of six pieces and a prologue featured a cast of 19 local horses, 16 riders, The Equus Projects company of four dancers, and guest equestrian David Lichman.


The bull running arena at the Helena State Fairgrounds was transformed into a theatre venue. The performance and open dress rehearsal of Join Up drew crowds of over 1000.

An Afternoon of Horses & Dancers and Wine

Rhinebeck Wine and Food Festival

Rhinebeck, NY

September 2009

An Afternoon of Horses & Dancers & Wine featured a collection of small performance works featuring three horses and riders and four dancers.

Resting Ground

Heart of the Horse Farm

Vashon Island WA

August 2009

Resting Ground, a 50-minute work created for four dancers and seven horses was commissioned by the Heart of the Horse Farm on Vashon Island, Washington. The piece featured a small herd of Polish Arabian horses and live music composed by electric cellist and vocalist, Jami Sieber.


Pomona NY

May 2009

Claustrophobia was created for the indoor arena at Country Lee Farm in Pomona, NY. The work was created during the winter and spring of 2009 with two horses from Country Lee

Country Lee was, for seven years, the equine facility where Equus dancers conducted their on-going equine groundskills training. The tiny historic  horse farm is located just 40 minutes from downtown Manhattan.

Evening length work for 4 dancers, 2 horses

Performance: May 2009




NE American College Dance Festival, 2008

Connecticut College

New London CT

February 2008

Processional was commissioned by and created for the 2008 American College Dance Festival at Connecticut College. The work was made for the vast green at Conn College and was performed in the snow by a cast of four horses and riders and four dancers.

Arena Score

Parelli Tour Stop

Harrisburg PA

April 2008

Created for the 2008 Parelli Tour Stop, Harrisburg, PA .

2nd Annual Saratoga Arts Festival

Human-Equine Landscape for Polo Fields

Saratoga Arts Festival

June 2008

Commissioned by the 2nd Annual Saratoga Arts Festival.

Equus company and 14 community performers, age 16 - 72.

Created for the Saratoga Polo Fields 



Chance Encounter Farm

Pownal ME

August 2008

A performance installation created for a small horse farm in Pownal Maine, created while in residence at the Bates Dance Festival.


Equine Affaire

Pomona CA

February 2007

Trail Less Traveled performed with singer/songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy singing live.

Gotan Tango created with equestrian Elli Johnson

Performances at Equine Affaire created in collaboration with Five Star Parelli Natural Horsemanship Trainer, David Lichman.



Bach Dances

Heifetz International Music Institute

June 2006

Commissioned by the Heifetz International Music Institute with live string quartet featuring students from  the Heifetz International Music Institute..

Heifetz International Music Institute.

Seven Games

Bates Dance Festival

August 2006

Commissioned by the Bates Dance Festival and created for the central green on the Bates College campus.Choreographic forms based on seven basic training games of Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

A collaboration with cellist, vocalist and composer Jami Sieber

Jami Sieber:

Parelli Natural Horsemanship:

Equine Landscape

Perry Mansfield

Steamboat Springs CO

July 2006

Commissioned by Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp in Steamboat Springs, CO. The Equus company with Big Apple equestrian and gymnast Sasha Nevidonski plus 15 Perry Mansfield dancers and faculty members, Fort Collins equestrians Kime Orth and Cindy Loader and Steamboat equestrian JoAnne Drahota.

VIDEO Clip at 3:11:

Bach Suite

Heifetz International Music Institute

Wolfeboro, NH

July 2006

Bach Suite was commissioned by the Heifetz International Music Institute. Set to selections from the Bach Cello Suites rearranged for cello and violin, and played live by students from the Heifetz Institute,  the performance featured four Equus Projects dancers, three horses and riders.



Rules of Engagement

Claremont Riding Academy, NYC

October 8 - 9 & October 15 - 16, 2005

A collaboration with Video Artist, Janet Biggs, was created for the historic Claremont Riding Academy in New York City.


How cruelty and survival play out in nature and in human-equine relationships.

VIDEO: Rules of Engagement at 2:11:

Walking Score

Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp

Steamboat Springs, CO

July 2005

The Walking Score I was conceived at Perry Mansfield during a weeklong residency with the dancers and guest equestrians, Kime Orth and Sasha Nevidonski.


24 dancers, 1 horse and rider


River to River Festival

Oval Garden, NYC

June 2005

Commissioned by the 2005 NYC River to River Festival and created for the Oval Garden adjacent to the 9/11 site.

The site presented us with very specific specifications: The horse must weigh under 1000 lbs, the choreography could not cross the center of the garden until the last moment, the horse could only walk and trot, not canter. The elliptical shape of the choreography was engineered specifically for the site specifications.




Dutchess County Tour of Historic Farms

Millbrook NY

October 2004

Dutchess County Tour of Historic Farms commissioned The Equus Projects to create an afternoon of works for dancers and horses to be performed at Goose Chase Farm in Millbrook, NY. The program featured four works and a prologue that brought the dancers down a steep hillside to meet their equines and equestrians who approached from a distant field.

Equestrians: Patricia Norcia, Bettina Drummond.


Virginia Commenwealth University

Richmond VA

April 2004

Equus I was an evening length work commissioned by Virginia Commonwealth University created during a month-long residency at VCU. The workfeatured a cast of two Equus dancers, eight VCU dancers, seven local Richmond riders and their horses, guest equestrian Maddrey Baker with her two horses.The live performance was accompanied by an embedded video Installation created by Video Artist, Peter Richards.



Kalliope II

Shelburne Museum

Shelburne, VT

August 2003

The 2002 production of Kalliope commissioned by The Flynn was re-staged for the Shelburne Museum with new choreography and newly commissioned sound score composed by Steve White, percussionist with the Blue Man Group

Kalliope II featured a cast of

14 dancers

3 children

7 horses

6 riders.

Kalliope, New York City

Riverdate Equestrian Center

Van Cortlandt Park, NYC

June 2003

Kalliope II was mounted at the Riverdale Equestrian Center in Van Cortlandt Park, New York City. The indoor arena at Riverdale was tranformed into a theater space with stadium seating for 250.

This large restaged production of Kalliope featured a cast of 14 dancers, 7 equestrians and 8 horses plus four children. The full evening length work was originally commissioned by The Flynn in Burlington, Vt and created for the grounds of the Shelburne Museum.




The Ethel Walker School

Simsbury CT

October 5-6, 2002

Kalliope was re-staged for the indoor equestrian arena at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT. The production was co-commissioned by Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT and The Flynn in Burlington, VT with funding from the National Performance Network Creation Fund.


The evening length work was re-staged during a week-long Equus Projects residency at Ethel Walker which included master classes for dancers and a clinic for Ethel Walker equestrians and featured a cast of 14 dancers, 7 horses and 6 riders.


The Shelburne Museum

Shelburne VT

June 2002

Kalliope was a National Performance Network Creation Commission from The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington, VT. The full evening length work was create over a six-month collaboration between Equus Projects Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw and Vermont based equestrians directed by equestrian Kate Selby. The production was created using the historic 19th C. Carousel at Shelburne Museum as its centerpiece. Kalliope featured a cast of 8 NYC dancers, 6 Vermont dancers, 6 equestrians, 7 horses and a cast of 6 children.



Green Mountain Association 75th Anniversary Gala

A Tribute: Site Installation in Memory of 9/11

In Honor of the Horse

Woodstock VT

September 29, 2001

Commissioned by The Green Mountain Horse Association for the GMHA  75th Anniversary Gala. The project featured 6 Vermont dancers, 14 Equus Projects dancers, 6 riders and horses. Initially the installation and performance were to be a celebration. Sadly, the Gala was scheduled barely two weeks after 9/11. Woodstock, VT had suffered many losses in the 9/11 attacks. The Equus Projects created a series of site installations honoring those who perished.

The Equestry

New Haven, VT

June, 2001

An evening length work for 8 dancers and 6 horses and riders - the first in depth exploration of dancing with horses. A  collaboration with Equestrian, Kate Selby, owner of The Equestry.