Dance Differently

A Kinetic Research Lab

January-June 2020

Dates & Times.....Coming SOON

2020 Dates & Times

Postponed due to COVID

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LAB Content

Each Lab takes a deep dive into one concept

via directed movement experiences, improvisational structures

discussion and kinetic brainstorming.

Inhabiting Sustained States

  • Expanding attention

  • Doing and Performing

Exploring an Inter-species Perspective

  • Using horsemanship principles to shed human assumptions

  • Entering horizontal spatial thinking

Anatomy Explorations

  • Folding and Unfolding: Flexion & Extension

  • Pelvic Floor

  • Upper-Lower Connectivity

  • Head-Tail Connection

Problem Solving

  • Research

  • Defining the ASK

  • Organizing Research

  • Composing

Transforming Tasks into Choreography

  • Exploring foundational skill sets

  • Choreographic organizing

Movement Scores

  • Spatial Pathways, Spatial Architecture

  • Strategies of Touch

  • Physical Listening: Aural, visual, tactile

  • Object Play: Creating Movement Scores

  • Math & Movement Scores

Shaping Content

  • Creating Trajectory

  • Working with Outcomes

  • Strategic Thinking and Moving

  • Shaping Improvised Content

Dance Differently PAYMENT

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$100 per session

Single classes are $40

Participation in

full 3-day session

is encouraged ;-)

Dance Differently sessions are open to movers of all levels and backgrounds.

Dancers, Actors, Educators,Scientists, Athletes, Architects, Mathematicians, Therapists....Curious Movers