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Dance Differently

A Kinetic Research Lab

FALL 2019

Dates & Times

LAB Content


W. 25th  10 to 1

Th. 26th  12 to 3 

F. 27th   9.30 to 12.30



W. 16th 10 to 1

Th. 17th  12 to 3

F. 18th 9.30 to 12.30



W. 6th 10 to 1

Th. 7th 12 to 3

F. 8th 9.30 to 12.30



W. 11th 10 to 1

Th. 12th 12 to 3

F. 13th 9.30 to 12.30

Each Lab takes a deep dive into one concept via directed movement experiences, improvisation exploration, debrief and brainstorming.

Anatomy Explorations

  • Folding and Unfolding: Flexion & Extension

  • Pelvic Floor

  • Upper-Lower Connectivity

  • Head-Tail Connection

Problem Solving

  • Research

  • Defining the ASK

  • Organizing Research

  • Composing

Movement Scores

  • Transforming Tasks into Choreography

  • Spatial Pathways, Spatial Architecture

  • Strategies of Touch

  • Physical Listening: Aural, visual, tactile

  • Object Play: Creating Movement Scores

  • Math & Movement Scores

Shaping Content

  • Creating Trajectory

  • Working with Outcomes

  • Strategic Thinking and Moving

  • Shaping Improvised Content


$100 per session

Single classes are $40

Participation in

full 3-day session

is highly encouraged


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Dance Differently sessions are open to movers of all levels and backgrounds.

Dancers, Actors, Educators,Scientists, Athletes, Architects, Mathematicians, Therapists....Curious Movers

College Residencies
Lane Community College, November 2015
SUNY Potsdam, September 2015
Boston Conservatory, March 2017
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, March 2018

      The Equus Projects conducts some of it most adventurous research during its college residencies


Students engage with Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw and members of The Equus Projects company in technique and composition classes, Laban Theory and Somatic classes, in choreographic creation projects, lectures and  informal dialogue




Composition & Choreography

Choreographic Coaching'

Laban Movement Analysis


Repertory / Creation Projects

Site Specific Dance-Making

Community Engagements


The Equus Projects: Community Engagements

Working with Autism: Klinten Kultur, Sweden

The Pullman Project

Documentary Screening:Hastdans pa Hovdala



Equestrian Collaborations
April 2019: Collaboration with Bettina Drummond
Lecture Demonstration & Workshop
April 28-29, 2019
Millbrook, NY

The Equus Projects Residencies work with horses:

Working with horses offers a visceral, experiential modality for learning spatial awareness, use of touch, decision-making, leadership and encouraging performers to work in real time. All concepts introduced with the horses are brought into studio explorations and classroom discussion.Equine projects have been arranged as collaborations with:

Equestrians and equine trainers, Local equine facilities, College Equestrian Teams and Equine Studies Departments.

Centenary College: Equine Studies, Dance & Theater April 2017