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Inter-species Research LABs, 2019

Oakridge Oregon

July 9-11, 2019

Oakridge Oregon

October 26-27, 2019


Inter-species Research LABS are a forum for kinetic exploration, theoretic discourse and personal investigation. Guided equine experiences provide a distinctly non human-centric lens through which we explore personal bias, the practice of listening, presence, adaptability and collaboration. LAB participants each present a session on their own expertise and/or research in the form of a movement experience, lecture or facilitated discussion.

Central Question, October 2019


How do we define ASK? Does the ASK always have to be a quid pro quo?

How do each of us define the ASK in interactions with work colleagues, students, family, strangers?

How is the ASK defined in our education system? What are we asking of a 4th grader?

Is it possible to construct forms or containers for of interactions with horses in which the human is not dominating the ASK?

How do we invite the animal is invited to propose the ASK?

LAB participants have included:

Lisa Bradley - Equine assisted Therapist

Jessica Ealy - Dancer, Mustang Trainer

Jessica Ferran - Equine Photographer

Sally Ann Ness - Anthropologist

Nita Little - Contact Improvisation

Alissa Mayer - Hanna Somatics & Horsemanship

JoAnna Mendl Shaw - The Equus Projects

Kate Pagliasotti - Acupuncturist & Gyrotonics Teacher

Kat Reese - Dancer, The Equus Projects

Bonnie Simoa - Dance Chair, Lane Community College

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