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Dancing with Horses Clinic

A clinic for Equestrians

Idlenot Farm

188 CowHill Road

Clinton CT

Patricia Norcia & JoAnna Mendl Shaw

July 16, 2022

Patricia Norcia.jpg

Master Dressage coach, equine trainer and equestrian Patricia Norcia and Equus Projects Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw team up to co-teach a clinic for advanced riders and for dancers wishing to learn how to dance in tandem with a ridden horse.

The day will focus on spatial clarity:

Riders: Spatial clarity in the saddle

Dancers: Spatial clarity in relationship to the horse's body

We will learn how to create a dynamic trio: Horse, Rider & Dancer

$150 - Riders

$150 - Dancers

    $50 - Auditors

Riders: For more information email:

Dancers: For more information email:

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