Our deeply collaborative partnerships with expert equestrians and equine trainers make it possible for our productions to  capture the grace and athleticism of horses. Learn more below about the equestrians who make our work so special. 

Carrie Christiansen
Carrie brings a lifetime of experience in classical Horsemanship, including both Dressage and Combined Training, with a focus on Natural Horsemanship focused on how classical principles help horses use their minds and bodies with greater symmetry, balance and relaxation.
Susan Deutsch
Susan is a dancer and an equestrian who lives in Philadelphia. She teaches at Drexel and at the Philadelphia Circus School.
Machel Jordan
Machel Jordan is the founder and principal consultant of Reflect Reinvent Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Consultants of Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has become a trusted advisor and consultant for organizations and individuals who seek higher levels of development incorporating experiential learning. In a safe, fun and engaging environment, Machel provides a dual focus of reflection and reinvention, emphasizing increased awareness while creating a greater capacity for growth through respected pract
Patricia Norcia
Norcia has two passions and careers: theatre and dressage. As an actress, she performed on Broadway and Off, on television, film and radio in New York City and Abroad. A graduate of the Yale Drama School, she has also directed numerous operas and cabarets. In the horse side of her life, she is an ARIA certified Level III instructor in dressage, and certified by the British Horse Society. Patricia manages her own barn in Clinton, CT. She has performed with The Equus Projects since '00.
David Lichman
As a top-rated instructor at Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Lichman has traveled extensively, helping people to get extraordinary results with horses. He takes particular interest in the Gaited and Iberian breeds, in particular Tennessee Walkers and Lipizzans. He won a World Grand Championship for Gaited Horses in '91, & began work with The Equus Projects in '04 collaborating in teaching residencies & large-scale performance projects.
Karen Rohlf
Karen, a full time dressage trainer, tours nationally and internationally teaching her unique integration of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and dressage. A former student of international rider and judge, Anne Gribbons, Karen has train students to receive their USDF bronze and silver medals and has brought horses and riders to win Regional Championships at every level through Intermediaire II.
Sasha Nevidonski
Alexandre Nevidonski is a gold medal gymnast from the Ukraine. He came to the United States in 1990 to perform as a featured soloist for The Big Apple Circus. Currently Sasha is a featured soloist with the St. Louis based Circus Flora.
Pat & Linda Parelli
Pat & Linda Parelli are world renowned equestrians, trainers and educators who have developed a system for teaching people to achieve partnership with their horses. They are visionary thinkers who have achieved innovation by nurturing creative, interdisciplinary collaboration.
Bettina Drummond
Widely respected nationally and abroad as a trainer & teacher in the French system of classical dressage, Drummond is one of the 20th century great equestrian masters. She trained for 17-years with Mr. Oliveira while also being influenced and coached by some of Europe’s finest equestrian trainers (General Durand, Ecuyer en Chef and Commandant of the French National Equestrian School in Saumur and Lt. Col. Paolo Angioni of the Italian Cavalry.)
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