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What is The Pullman Project...


  • Since 2015, The Equus Projects team has been bringing multi-disciplinary performance projects and creative process, written word explorations, music and movement into the elementary schools, public spaces and private homes of the Pullman District.


  • The Equus Projects' Artistic Director JoAnna Mendl Shaw and actor and theater director Sarah Rose Graber first visited The Pullman District in 2015, when President Obama had just named Pullman a National Park. Intrigued by this historic neighborhood built by George Pullman to house factory workers at his Palace Sleeping Car Factory, they approached the Pullman National Monument with a proposal that would deploy the arts to bring visibility to this important National Monument. Since then Shaw and Graber have been regular guest artists at Poe Classical and Pullman Elementary.

  • In 2016 the team received an NEA grant to create an immersive theater piece  staged in the drawing rooms and hallways of the historic Hotel Florence. The Hotel Florence: Drawing Room Stories would retell Pullman history through a multi-racial lens intertwining the voices of current residents with historic recounts. Audiences would move through the hotel in small groups, guided by fictional characters, encountering dramatic interludes, visual installations and cameo appearances by Pullman residents.

Best laid plans...

The Hotel Florence is owned by the State of Illinois

Currently the future of Hotel Florence is in limbo....

Shaw and Graber re-calibrate:

The Pullman Salons bring performance into intimate interior spaces in Pullman through 2020.

Creative Team

JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Choreographer, Dance Educator, Arts Advocate

Artistic Director, The Equus Projects

Sarah Rose Graber

Performer, Director, Teaching Artist

Guest Artist, Scottish National Theater

Hotel Florence
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The Pullman Project
2016 - 2020
School Residencies
George M. Pullman Elementary School
Poe Classical Elementary School
December 2015
May 2016
September 2017
April 2018
June 2018
September 2018
April 2019
June 2019

Pullman Salon, Vol II ~ December 6-8, 2018

A celebration of the Quiroz family and their multi-cultural heritage through mementos, sound recordings and Tamales.

Horses Come To Pullman
June 10, 2017
Community Engagement
Public Events
PCO Meetings
Pullman Interviews

The Interviews

We have interviewed 50 Pullman residents.


Add your story to the Pullman Project 

VIDEO: Horses Come To Pullman
Performance Excerpts
Co-Produced by Pullman National Monument
The Equus Projects and the
Pullman Historic Foundation

Graber & Shaw

As of June 2018, this Project has been funded by:

National Endowment for the Arts

The Pullman National Monument

RSF Foundation

Chicago Public Schools

Oppenheimer Foundation

and the generous support of the Pullman community

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