The Equus Projects creates site-specific performance works that focus on visceral engagement with the natural and cultural environment. Our artistic choices are based on listening and always have real outcomes...

Bringing the arts into urban and rural spaces

VIRTUAL Physical Listening LABS

For ALL Curious Movers


3:00 - 5:00pm EST


Beginning Monday September 12th

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Special Info for Equestrians


Physical Listening Workshop

in the Catskills

with Horses

Middlebrook Arts & Research Residency Center

Jefferson, NY

November 11-14th

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The Feast

The Equus Projects

in Performance


Majoda Equestrians

 Violinist Nathan Bishop

Majoda Stables

Sunday, October 30th


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Interspecies Journey Performance

Middlebrook Arts, Jefferson NY

Saturday, November 12th

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$60 plus $5 postage

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Stefan Morel, Filmmaker

Two newborn foal’s first moments of life, their bonding with three dancers and the genesis of an inter-species language.
Due for Release: Fall 2022

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Film: Earth Poem - Gabriel Bienczycki

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ARTWORK: Background twig artwork ~ Chris Kenny