The Equus Projects creates site-specific performance works that focus on visceral engagement with the natural and cultural environment. Our artistic choices are based on listening and always have real outcomes...

Bringing the arts into urban and rural spaces


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An artist's journey and practical guide to expanding your somatic awareness

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Two newborn foal’s first moments of life, their bonding with three dancers and the genesis of an inter-species language.

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ARTWORK: Background twig artwork on all site pages is the work of

London artist Chris Kenny

Stefan Morel, Filmmaker

Projects 2020 (Postponed until......)
Pullman Residency - December
Brazil Tour - October
EQUITANA Lexington KY - September
Pullman/Poe Residency, September
Inter-species Research Lab, Oakridge OR - July & October
Workshop for Dancers with Horses, Moorestown, NJ & NYC - June 7-8th
Inter-species Research Lab, & LCC Residency, OR - May 24-31st
Clinic: Adaptability with Equus & Farah DeJohnette , North Brookfield MA - May 9-10th
Majoda Performance - May 17, 2020
Dancers Workshop with Temple University Dance - May 1-3rd
Pullman Creation Residency, Chicago - April 2020
Lane Community College Residency, Eugene Oregon  - April 2020
The May Center, Santa Fe  & UNM - March 9-15
May Center Residency - March 2020
Berlin LAB - January 2020
Hannaberry Farm, September 2017
Horses Come To Pullman, June 2017

Film: Earth Poem

Gabriel Bienczycki

Dance + Theatre + Horsemanship 

121 W. 17th, 4B New York, NY 10011


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