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A Workshop for anyone who has always dreamed of dancing with a horse!


June 20-23, 2024


August 15-18th

November 7th - 10th












DANCING WITH HORSES: A Workshop in The Catskills

   The Equus Projects teaches a unique workshop 4 times a year at Middlebrook

   We work in close collaboration with natural horsemanship trainer Dan McCarthy

   who brings his wealth of horsemanship experience and his knowledge as a

   musician into our equine work and into our studio sessions.

Each 2 1/2-day workshop includes a minimum of 5-6 hours of hands-on equine exploration time at a beautiful farm across the road from Middlebrook. We work with the horses at liberty in the pasture and on lead lines and at liberty in a covered arena. Our equine work is deeply informed by demos and coaching from Dan McCarthy.


Each workshop also includes deep dive studio investigations in the spacious Middlebrook dance studio and occasionally in site-specific explorations in natural settings on the Middlebrook land. There is always a physical/somatic warmup and 6+ hours of studio time.


Each workshop begins with an Opening Night Dinner, hosted by the Equus Projects, followed by collaboratively prepared meals in the Middlebrook kitchen.

Often the Saturday evening meal is a restaurant excursion to a nearby restaurant whose fantastic chef makes magic with all fresh, home-grown produce and locally sourced meats.

Workshop Length : 21/2 - 5 days

COST: $500

Payable by Check made out to The Equus Projects



Two and a half days of exploration into the interspecies dialogue between humans and equines guided by JoAnna Mendl Shaw in collaboration with Catskill equestrian, equine trainer and musician, Dan McCarthy of Catskill Natural Horse. Participants will learn how to move in synchronous tandem with an equine partner and improvise inside an equine landscape. The work focuses on our deeply embodied physical intelligence in solo, duo and group explorations. 

The workshop offers rich territory for deepening one's own embodied awareness, exploring an interspecies approach to improvising and a varied range of choreographic scores.



Conducted in the pasture & paddocks

Learn basics of leading a horse on a lead line and moving with a horse at liberty.



Somatic explorations, improvisational scores and choreographic strategies taught from an interspecies perspective.

jms, Heather_Studio.jpeg


This fee includes all studio sessions, equine sessions with Dan McCarthy

in addition to lodging and the opening dinner. 

The cost will vary depending on the length of the workshop

Minimum 2- 1/2 days - $500



For more information contact Teresa Fellion


JoAnna Mendl Shaw

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