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Dancing with HorsesWorkshops / Clinics

For All Curious Movers

A 2 1/2 to 4-day workshop with hands-on interactions with horses in tandem with

somatic investigations that emerge directly from our equine encounters


  • Learn basic horsemanship ground skills

  • Explore varied possibilities for kinetic dialogue between humans and equines

  • Take a deep dive into heightened spatial awareness

  • Embody varied energetic states

  • Work with simultaneously sensing and thinking

  • Experience Creative Decision-making

  • Use Equine Savvy for Strategic Decision-Making


The workshop can be designed for a range of humans:

Equestrians & Equine Trainers

Dancers, Actors, Choreographers

Dance Educators

Elementary Educators

Leadership Trainers

Contact Improvisers

Adults, Teens, Kids 9-12



Pasture and Paddocks

Workshop / Clinics 2023

Middlebrook Arts Research Center,

Jefferson, NY

Majoda Stables, Moorestown, NJ

Painted Dressage Stables, Brookesville, FL,

Private Farm, Ocala, FL

Turtle Back Farm, Orcas Island WA

TESTIMONIAL: From Equine Trainer, Michelle Bell


When I signed up to participate in your zoom workshop, it was in direct response from one of my mentors to seek out and do things outside of my comfort zone. While dancing is certainly outside of my comfort zone, I found your workshop inviting and accepting. I felt comfortable in the space you created to be, and to do, and to explore. 


I currently have several mustangs in training, one of which is untamed. I am hyper aware of the dance I am feeling out with him as I experiment with how to best communicate to him that I am safe for him to trust. Our dance feels better to both of us when I quiet that inner voice that keeps saying, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” 


A wise horsewoman once told me that our horses need us to be sure. And if we are unsure, that the best way to present ourselves to our horse is to be really sure that we are unsure. The horse will then feel how sure we are and have confidence in us based on that sureness of being unsure.


Sending you warm positive thoughts!




Michele Bell

Natural Horsehumanship Coach

Little Red Riding Ranch LLC




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